Thursday, August 2, 2007


My favorite fruit is in-season. The peach. Fleshy, juicy, sweet and fragrant, I especially love it when the skin peels off large and easy.


Unfortunately I only have so-so fruit markets near my house. As I'm a huge fan of fresh fruit (as you all should be, too) I'm often stuck between a rock and a hard place in Japan with designer fruits on one hand and inconsistent quality at mediocre neighborhood options in the other. In fact one of the things I miss most about Seattle and the States is the abundance of fresh, affordable produce everywhere, and if not everywhere somewhere relatively closeby: at the QFC, and if not there at PCC, and if not there at the farmers' markets, and if not there at the little trucks by the sides of the road (especially around this time of the year) and if not there at Metropolitan Market where they will probably grow that pelican mango for you if you're willing to pay them for it. Hmm, speaking of produce trucks by the side of the road.... Bing cherries!! Handfuls and handfuls of ripe, juicy, dark sweetness! Man, I miss being able to eat cherries until I feel ill. Damn.

Ah hem. Yes, fruits in Japan. Thankfully, there is one good fruit and produce market near my work. Although it is a privately owned business, it--as well as most other produce markets or greengrocers of the same nature--is referred to as the yaoya, or greengrocer. (Like the post office. Or the pool.) After purchasing the perfect peaches above (four of them) for just 400 yen, I think I'll be stocking up on my daily fruits not at home but at work from now. The friendly ojisans and obasans and one-sans at the yaoya make for a pleasant shopping experience, anyway, which just makes the purchase sweeter.

I still miss the Bing cherry trucks though. For now, a sweet, sweet memory.

八百屋 yaoya (greengrocer)


Courtney said...

Heehee... I used to work at Metropolitan Market, back when it was still Queen Anne Thriftway. In the produce department, no less. We do not want to speak of the hoopla of all the posh fresh melons and peaches whose names and pedigrees my memory has thankfully blotted out.

They were pretty awesome when they lived up to the reputation.


Miss Ai said...

you crack me up! but yes you are absolutolly (sic) right!!! next post, i promise!!!!

lauren said...

totally YUM,
and thanks for writing about mother esta and the madeleine. I live in Nakame, right across the stream from where the madeleine parks.

it is a great little neighborhood with wonderful food.

Miss Ai said...

Thanks for your comment lauren!

Mother Esta and Madeleine were delightful-you're so lucky to live across the stream! In Nakameguro I also love Toriyoshi, Savoy and Junkadelic. Wish I had so many cool restaurants nearby!

Nina K. said...

Yay, I like your new blog. Peach pic is sexy. Hi to you and your sis, and happy summer. Eating, eating...(me too) =)

Miss Ai said...

Thanks Nina K!
Hope to see you soon.