Thursday, March 27, 2008


Free-range chicken and daikon radish udon.

Wow--gorgeous in looks and taste. The chicken was meaty, juicy and melt-in-your mouth good. The two daikon pieces were huge, which is great, but soft from being steeped in broth and seasonings for pobably an hour or so. There was even a large carrot which had also been pre-cooked and was just as good. Gorgeous orange color.

The broth and udon were less impressive. But I am biased.


The Azel's said...

Hey Ai, What kind of Camera do you have I love the pictures you take of food! Makes me hungry :)

Miss Ai said...

Hey Bridget!
Actually this was taken with my phone cam!!!! yeah i guess pretty good for a phone cam. i recently got a nikon d40 so u can look forward to better resolution!

Private Chef said...

Hi There

I just stumbled upon your blog and think it is an excellent read for foodies and especially like the photos and design of the blog.I started off as a blogger myself and realise the importance of a good clean design like you have here. I have now bookmarked it for myself to read and have added you to our new list of "all the food blogs in the world" on which we have been compiling for the last month! Hopefully it will send you some traffic in the long run. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on food so keep up the good work and talk soon. Cheers

Miss Ai said...

Thanks private chef!
I have not blogged in a while but positive feedback from readers like you make me want to get back in the loop asap. Look forward to some updates on the rss feed :)

PS great site!!!!!

Gus said...

I know this was posted 2 years ago. I just happened to surf the web and I came upon your site. Could you tell me where this restaurant is? I'll be in Japan next month. I'm planning as I type this comment.
Thank you

Miss Ai said...

Hey Gus! So sorry that I didn't reply sooner. This restaurant is in Akabane, a JR station in northern Tokyo. Just get off at the North Exit of Akabane station, head into the shopping mall directly across, and follow the hall as it veers right. You'll see it close to the exit onto the street.

There's another noodle shop directly in front of where you exit the station but that's not this one.

Hope you enjoy Tokyo!

Jeniffer said...

Hi-def camera. I like your food photos. Great talent !